Port handling

SURVEYFERT SAS, a leading provider of port logistics since 1990.

Founded in 1990 by Fabrice Tardy.

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With real expertise in raw materials, and devotion to the quality of products and packaging, our highly coordinated teams enable unparalleled response times, working from light and mobile structures at our sites.

Our high-quality storage and equipment handling infrastructure can be adapted to your needs, guaranteeing efficient processing of your goods.

We work with our customers on the basis of cooperation and partnership

This allows us to develop a relationship of trust over the long term

We offer you a complete port handling service, including bagging, storage, oiling, screening, sifting, mixing, packaging, bulk blending preparation, and the packing and unpacking of solid bulk. Customers trust us because of our expertise, our compliance with security standards, and the importance we place on confidentiality.

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Almost 30 years of expertise

trucks per year

m² of covered storage

tonnes per hour of goods handled

tonnes loaded and unloaded every year

m² of yard stockage

tonnes loadable onto ships

A complete logistics service